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BeaconCFO Plus is a Cleveland-based firm that provides outsourced CFO services to privately held small- and medium-sized businesses and portfolio companies. Our ultimate goal is simple: to craft the best solutions that address your company’s biggest financial and strategic challenges.

Here’s How We’ll Get There Together:

  • For smaller companies, from start-ups to those with annual revenue up to $30 million, we’ll provide recurring part-time CFO services that help your business grow.
  • For portfolio companies of private equity firms and larger individually or family-owned businesses, we’ll provide project-based CFO services.

For all companies, we’ll deliver outcomes beyond expectations.

Here’s Why We’re the Experts Who Can Affect Change:

Each member of our team has at least 35 years of hands-on experience across a broad range of industries, which immediately gives you an advocate who’s uniquely positioned to improve your company’s profitability. As advocates, our experts will first listen to your company’s specific needs and create an informed strategy that involves working with both your financial and operational teams to fully understand key business drivers.

At the same time, your team can concentrate on what’s important, namely their areas of expertise as they relate to your company’s core vision.

How Does Your Company Benefit in the Long Run?

Immediately, outsourced CFO services will provide you a better understanding of your company’s key business drivers and improve operating efficiencies through structured processes and procedures. In the long run, however, the benefits become far greater—most notably, your company will have the means to clearly identify its ultimate strategic direction.

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